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Saturday, 15th April, 2017

Leveraging English Language to Enhance Subject Learning


In the past, the role of English in education was that of a language to be studied as a gateway to English culture and literature. In almost all non-native speaking countries, good English language skills were considered a status symbol. Non fluency in English often reflected in low self-esteem.

Today, the 4th Industrial Revolution is driven by exponential developments and the fusion between the physical world of atoms (and energy), digital world of bits (and qubits) and the biological world of genes (and neurons). To be successful in the 4th Industrial Age, one must have the abilities to learn swiftly in English right at the school stage. This is true while studying any of the subjects that are the foundation for further learning: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc. All these subjects deal with a set of ideas, concepts and principles which are wrapped in a language for communication between humans.

Therefore, to appreciate these core knowledge nuggets and connect them, one must be fluent in the language of communication which - in the current global context - is English. Hence, developing English as a language across subjects at the school level is absolutely critical and the need of the hour. Developing students' English Language abilities will also play a key role in success in the 4th Industrial Age.

The 9th EDUConvEx focusses on the importance of leveraging English Language to enhance subject learning, where speakers will analyse the DNA of English Language and its use in subject learning.


Speakers of English are non-native speakers


Of the content on the Internet is in English


English medium schools grew approximately 35 times between 2008 and 2014!

Special Attractions @ 9th EDUConvEx

AR/VR pavilion is presented by MASH Virtual.

Projects Displayed

sky walk

360° Images and Videos

A VR experience which will give user a feel of having magically travelled to a different city/country.

AR Bank Note

AR Bank Note

An AR experience which provides information about the new 500 and 2000 rupee notes. Just download the app, hover the app over any 500 or 2000 rupee note and see the magic happen.

Skeleton System

The Skeleton System

An AR experience where people can learn about the bones in the body in 3D and bring a virtual skeleton into the real world.


The Volcano

An AR experience which provides information about volcanos. Will give a feel of a live volcano erupting in front of you.

Mechanical Room

The Mechanical Room

A VR game for entertainment to show how exciting it can be to play a game in Virtual Reality.

The 9th EDUConvEx will witness the launch of an ‘Annual Essay Writing Competition’ sponsored by The Future Foundation.

This annual essay writing competition 2017 is open to students between Classes 4 to 12. Winner for the competition will be recognised with Certificates and Cash Rewards.

The essay competition is divided into 2 levels, one for students in classes 4 to 7 and the second for students in classes 8 to 12.

The closing date for submission of the Essay was Wednesday, 25th January 2017.

View Results

The 9th EDUConvEx will witness the launch of ‘Echelon Talks – information & knowledge worth having'.

Echelon Talks is a new generation short mobile videos and podcasts, created especially for the mobile and streaming devices. The talks will bring individuals who wish to share information and knowledge that would benefit students, parents, educators and trainers, all of whom are involved in shaping the future of the 21st century students and preparing them to succeed in the 4th Industrial Age. The format of the talks would range from 1 to 7 minutes.

All talks would be published after an editorial approval by the producers and will be publicised through its network on the mobile app ‘echelon’ that will allow features such as Search, Compare, Rate and Review of talks basis keywords and viewer ratings.

A contributor can register himself/herself with the producers and share their talks that would meet the basic guidelines provided by the producers.

Each talk will be rated and reviewed by the viewers / listeners, thereby making the videos truly for the people, of the people, by the people and appreciated by the people.

The launch Echelon Talk will be on the topic ‘Computational Thinking as key skill for coming of age in the 4th Industrial Age’. The talk will be delivered by Prof. M M Pant, Founder, LMP Education Trust.

Echelon Talks are produced jointly by LMP Education Trust and The Future Foundation and will be hosted on the mobile app ‘echelon’, owned by MASH Virtual, UK

Participation to the ‘Echelon Talks’ and the ‘Spot Quiz’ will be open to all at the 9th EDUConvEx. However, due to limited seating capacity, pre-registration for the session will be required and will be on a first come first serve basis.

An on the spot quiz contest will be organised during the last session of the conference i.e. between 4.50 to 5.30 pm.

The contest will be open only to Parents and Students who will participate using their mobile phones running Android or iOS. To participate in the quiz the individual must be download ‘’ mobile app on their Android or iOS device and come to the conference venue with their mobile device.

During the session, instructions will be given to open the mobile app and start the quiz with a token number.

The topic of the quiz is ‘Smart Parenting’ for the parents and ‘Computational Thinking’ for the students.

There would be two winners under each category. One for the females and the other for males.

The winners will be declared during the session and they winners would be called on the stage to make a 2-minute speech about their views on the Smart Parenting or Computational Thinking respectively. They will also be felicitated by the organisers.

The quiz is being organised by MASH Virtual, a technology startup in the UK and the owners of ‘echelon’ in association with QAI, UK an international certificating and awarding body.


EDUConvEx just like each year will be honoured by eminent speakers of international repute in the area of education.

Aarul Malaviya

Aarul Malaviya

Founder, Mash Virtual

DC Pant

D C Pant

Former Pro-Vice Chancellor of IGNOU

John Kerr

John Kerr

CEO of Qualifications and Assessments International, UK

John Robertson

John Robertson

Head of ESL at Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India

M M Pant

M M Pant

Conference Chairman & Founder of LMP Education Trust


Vijaya Padma Srinivas

Sr. Assessment Services Manager, South Asia, Cambridge English Language Assessment, UK


Saturday 15th April, 2017 | Leveraging English Language to Enhance Subject Learning

Speaker :

Mr. D C Pant

Former Pro-Vice Chancellor

IGNOU, India

Speaker :

Prof. M M Pant

Conference Chairman & Founder

LMP Education Trust, India


Ms. Vijaya Padma Srinivas

Sr. Assessment Services Manager, South Asia,

Cambridge English Language Assessment, UK

Chairperson :

Mr. John Kerr


Qualifications and Assessments International, UK

John Robertson

Mr. John Robertson

Head of ESL

Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India

Extra X Awards and Recognition 2016 - 2017

QAI International School Awards

  • Implementing International English Language Assessments
  • Implementing Professional Development Programmes
  • Best School
  • Best Chain School
  • Best Promising School


QAI International Institution Awards

  • Implementing International English Language Assessments
  • Best College
  • Best Preparation Centre for English Language Assessments

For Students

  • English Language Champions - Cambridge English
  • English Language Champions - QAI GETS
  • Essay Writing Champions
  • Student Entrepreneurs
  • On Spot Quiz - Computational Thinking

For Teachers

  • Rockstar Teacher (for Implementing CLIL Concept)
  • Rockstar Teacher (for Language Development)
  • Leaders to Young Entrepreneurs

For Parents

  • On Spot Quiz – Smart Parenting

educonvex cover

9th EDUConvEx

This event scheduled for 15th April 2017 focusses on the importance of leveraging English language to enhance subject learning, where speakers will analyse the DNA of English language and its use in subject learning. It is designed for active participation by all who are involved with the development and implementation of Learning being ready for future, thereby being the leaders of change in the 21st century.

The format of the conference will encourage active participation with mutual sharing of ideas.

The ExtraX Awards & Recognition of Students, Teachers and Educational Leaders will form part of the conference programme.

Those interested in nominating or being nominated for any of the awards / recognition category for awards, may please contact Conference Secretariat on E-mail: and submit their nomination no later than Thursday, 31st March 2017.

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Benefits to Participants

The 9th EDUConvEx focusses on an important aspect of English language to enhance subject learning. The participants will benefit by:

  • Listening to and interact with experts on the DNA of Language and Subject learning.
  • Meet and interact with teachers and trainers from across the country.
  • Experience the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality and how it can be used in teaching-learning at the special AR/VR Pavilion.
  • Participate in on-spot quiz and get an opportunity to share your views on ‘Smart Parenting’
  • Get free information and book free interactive sessions in your school regarding implementing English for Subject learning programmes in your institution
  • Certificate of Participation

Who should attend?

  • Principals, directors, managers and leadership teams of schools who are running a English medium institution and are desirous of transforming their institutions to a truly 21st Century institution.
  • Teachers at school of all subjects who are involved with the teaching-learning process in and English medium school environment preparing students for the future and helping them develop English language skills for enhancing deep learning of subjects.
  • Independent educators (trainers, tutors, freelancers etc.) and education services providers who are providing out of school support to students in developing their subject learning in an English medium environment.


Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi

Participation by invitation only!

Pre-register to get an invite

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