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Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Education in the VUCA World


For the unprepared, the future is a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

The acronym VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – accurately describes the conditions under which organisations, corporations and institutions operate in the world today. As there is no predictability or way to plan for every issue or problem that may arise, it becomes necessary to plan for any issue that may arise. The VUCA world calls for innovative strategies and processes that can be used to cope in any given situation, and if treated right, the VUCA world can be an opportunity for knowledge workers to learn and develop effective agile and flexible strategies.

It can therefore be concluded that the right preparation and education can make it a: Visible (clarity on impact of emerging technologies), Unbounded (with unpresented and unimaginable opportunities to change the world), Challenging (with new technologies helping one to meet the challenges) and; Awesome (with new insights, material abundance and a better understanding of our purpose in the world)

The 10th EDUConvEx focusses on important aspects of education in the VUCA world and plans to address some of the issues and share some ideas on being prepared in the 4th Industrial revolution.

Special Attraction

One of the qualities of a curriculum based on a VUCA world is that it doesn’t have one correct answer. It requires students to develop nuanced ways of thinking about the world, to collaborate with each other to solve world problems, and to be able to change their minds when presented with new ideas they encounter. It gives them the ability not only to understand information they’ve studied, but to be comfortable handling it and applying it to various situations. Information, then, is dynamic, alive, kinetic, and school becomes an incubator for discussing and solving problems the world faces.

The 10th EDUConvEx will witness the launch of version 2.0 of the EDUConvEx designed for motivating, encouraging and challenging school aged learners in the field of English for subject language, child prodigy, creativity and talent. ExtraX awards and recognition for high achievers in the field of international assessments will also be a part of the EDUConvEx Young Champs starting 2018 onwards.

Young Champs


EDUConvEx just like each year will be honoured by eminent speakers of international repute in the area of education.

DC Pant

D C Pant

Former Pro-Vice Chancellor of IGNOU

John Kerr

John Kerr

CEO of Qualifications and Assessments International, UK

M M Pant

M M Pant

Conference Chairman & Founder of LMP Education Trust

Roger Johnson

Roger Johnson

Former Chief Operating Officer, Cambridge Assessment English

Satyasri Gupta

Satyasri Gupta

Academic Head, Sri Chaitanya Group of Schools

Extra X Awards and Recognition 2017 - 2018

QAI International School Awards

  • Implementing International English Language Assessments
  • Best School (Region)
  • Best Chain School
  • Best Promising School


QAI International Institution Awards

  • Implementing International English Language Assessments
  • Best College (Region)
  • Best Preparation Centre for English Language Assessments (Region)

QAI Awards for Teachers

  • Rockstar Teacher (for Implementing CLIL Concept)
  • Rockstar Teacher (for Language Development)

educonvex cover

10th EDUConvEx

This event scheduled for 21st of April 2018 focuses on the importance of English language, MegaTrends, Knowledge Domains, Attributes and Skills & Leadership required for success in the VUCA world.

It is designed for active participation by all who are involved with the development and implementation of Learning being ready for future, thereby being the leaders of change in the 4th Industrial revolution.

The format of the conference will encourage active participation with mutual sharing of ideas.

The ExtraX Awards & Recognition of Institutions, Teachers and Educational Leaders will form part of the conference programme.

Those interested in sponsoring the 10th EDUConvEx including EDUConvEx Young Champs, may please contact Conference Secretariat to get information about sponsorship options available on E-mail: and submit their interest no later than Thursday, 15th March 2018.

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Benefits to Participants

The 10th EDUConvEx focusses on important aspects of education in the VUCA world and plans to address some of the issues and share some ideas on being prepared in the 4th Industrial revolution.

  • Listen to and interact with experts
  • Meet and interact with teachers and trainers from across the country
  • Participate in on-spot quiz and get an opportunity to share your views
  • Get free information and book free interactive sessions in your school regarding implementing English for Subject learning programmes in your institution
  • Certificate of Participation

Who should attend?

  • Principals, directors, managers and leadership teams of schools who are running are desirous of transforming their institutions to a truly 21st Century institution preparing students for the future and helping them develop skills for enhancing their success in the future.
  • Independent educators (trainers, tutors, freelancers etc.) and education services providers who are providing out of school support.
  • Teachers, especially those teaching classes 6 to 12.


Silver Oak Hall, India Habitat Centre (Entry from Gate 3), Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Participation by invitation only!

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